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Williams Baptist University

This is a private university in North East Arkansas. I actually worked on their (new at the time) website after their rebrand in 2018. After four years and a new president, they wanted a full redesign. 

I made use of several plugins to do the hover/video effect on the home page, and used CSS and HTML to get the exact functionality correct. From the start of the design process to now, I was the sole designer on this project.

E. Ritter & Company

This is one of the latest sites and more simple that I have done. This client, in particular, was wanting a clean, informational website. E. Ritter is the parent company of five other companies, and they never had an online presence prior to this site.

Because of the simplicity, this site isn’t weighed down with plugins, the image dimensions are kept low for a shorter page load time.

Shadrachs Coffee Roasting Company

This ended up being a site that started from the ground up. I started the design process after getting the information and all the functionality that was needed. Although I was going to use a theme and just brand it to the client to cut cost, they increased their budget and I came up with a full design, using AdobeXD.

WooCommerce is added into the site and I was the one setting up that aspect of the site. Reviewing the analytics from their previous site, their mobile users were significantly higher, so when optimizing to mobile, I added more easy to use functions.

Proffer Produce

This was another informational site and a company that didn’t have an online presence before. They were wanting to showcase all what they have to offer, and easy to navigate. Another of my colleagues was in-charge of the logo design and brand guide and I worked off of that when it came to the design systems of the site.

I created most of the graphics, excluding the icons, and worked through the site map before the start of the layout. This site highly focused on CTAs throughout, to have an ease of use for the user.

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